Marcia Kirsh

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, I started traveling to Europe on family trips as a teenager...and there I got bitten by the travel bug. 

I have since visited over 40 countries and often return to my favorite cities in Asia and Europe. 

I have passed this bug on to my husband and children and we often try to travel together. 

Whether cruising around Europe or trekking through Northern China getting down and dirty with the locals is right up my alley!
  • Pia Glacier, Antarctic Patagonia
  • Disembarkation, Ushuaia
  • Go cart touring in Lisbon
  • Ainsworth Bay Antarctic Patagonia
  • San Souci Palace outside Berlin
  • Marcia in Berlin
  • On Top of the world at the bottom of the World -  Cape Horn
  • Leaping Tiger Gorge In Northen Yunnan China
  • Exploring Lijang in China
  • Berlin
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Amsterdam and Berlin
Two wonderful cities - so much history and fabulous museums  - A must see for anyone interested in history.

Northern Yunnan Province and Tibet
This trip was incredible, the beauty of Liajiang Shangri La and Lhasa. It was like stepping into the China one sees in their minds eye - beautiful rolling landscapes, small villages, and warm friendly people.

What a beautiful resort filled with all types of adventure.

There's nothing as nice as a small taste of France without going so far...I love this city.

This is a beautiful city filled with many things to see and do - from Old town to the 500 year old Monastery and library this is a city filled with fun and life!
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