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As tour escort in South America for most of my life, that grew to a specialty in all things Latin American

I decided to move to Peru where I was married into a huge Peruvian family and lived in Lima for 10 years.

I moved back to the states in 1975 and started my agency in Atlanta (Explorations) in 1978 with the express purpose to sell "Mi Peru". 

In 2005 I sold Explorations and moved to Florida where I now operate my adventure travel business consulting on trips to all continents.

I write several monthly travel columns (Our Town Monthly Magazines ) that can be read both on line and in print and I post regularly to my travel blog.

Over the years, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast as well as the Washington Post have touted me for my knowledge of the good eats and wines of South America. I have also been a member of the Saveur Magazine Travel Advisory Board for 5 years.

  • Easter Island with the Moais
  • Hiking Torres del Paine National Park – Chile
  • Posing front of Tallest Building in the world – Burj Kalifa, Dubai, UAE
  • With Royal Horse Guards in London
  • Riding in Vinales, Cuba
  • Temples in Bhutan
  • Historic Cartagena
  • With Gaucho in Argentina
  • In Front of Berliner Dom in Berlin, Germany
  • Kathmandu, Nepal with Sadhu Priests
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This great little island has a lot to offer. The infrastructure has to be built up for the US market, but the people are great, food good, and it is one of the more educational destinations I have been to.

Hidden away and often overlooked, Myanmar is a wonderful country that is changing by the minute. I was there 10 years ago and now I can see changes already. Do go before it is not recognizable

Chile & Argentina
Two of my favorite countries in the world. Adventures in hiking Torres del Paine National Park or the Atacama Desert and the sophistication of Buenos Aires. Who could ask for anything more.

Oxford, England
Harry Potter mania is still alive and well, but get to know some of the students in this town of 37 universities and you can uncover the heart of Jolly Old England.

Once torn by war, the history of this Asian beauty has changed to a land of commerce and luxury. Some of the best hotels in the world are located here. So stay in a lovely hotel by night and discover the Cu Chi Tunnels and historic temples by day.

Small little Ecuador, sits astride the actual Equator. Land of eternal spring, this little nation has all kinds of history and adventures to enjoy. Hike up a volcano and then ski down, or visit a rose farm or ride horses across the high paramo. -Don't forget the Galapagos!
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