Paul Iacono

Most of my career was spent in the television industry, making documentaries for The Weather Channel, Travel Channel and others. (Yup -- that nut shooting video in Hurricane Hugo? That was me!) The best part about my work was getting to travel all over the world, meet amazing people, and experience their world, through their eyes. 

Once I spent a week in the Mexican desert with scientists, digging for the remains of the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. What an astonishing experience! Putting that experience on tape, telling that story for all the world to watch... I felt like that professor every student wants to have a beer with after class. I was Indiana Jones!

When my first career ended, I wanted a second that offered me the same opportunity to share the sheer wonder of our world with others, that offered the same level of fascination, learning, and just plain fun. 

Then it hit me: Travel! Travel that expands horizons. Travel that gives your children experiences they'll use every day in school, that they'll remember all their lives.

How about a fossil dig in Africa, with a member of the Leakey family!? Or a tour of the 1,000-year-old cistern under Istanbul? The setting for a hundred mystery novels - Istanbul! I can put you there, with a personal guide, and a boat, and a torch that you'll pray doesn't snuff out.
That’s great travel!
  • With the Masai in Kenya
  • The Palace Gates, London
  • Our daughter Liz at the Trevi Fountain
  • On the hunt, Tanzania
  • Nice, Cote d'Azure
  • Madrid
  • Grand Fond, St Barth
  • Gondoliers, Venice
  • Giraffe Manor, Nairobi Kenya
  • Gaudi's Sagrada Familia Barcelona
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Barcelona to Rome Aboard the Crystal Serenity
A fabulous cruise aboard one of the finest cruise lines in the world. The food was fantastic, the service impeccable. There's just nothing like it.

Venice and Rome
Two of the greatest cities in the world, and two very different experiences. Venice, such an elegant and sophisticated city, and Rome... Well, Rome is simply the center of the universe!

From Madrid, to Toledo, to Barcelona, Spain is one of the most beautiful and most affordable destinations on the planet. And the food is AMAZING!!

St Barth
Our FAVORITE family getaway, the island is so special -- no high-rise condos, no jumbo jets, no huge cruise ships dropping a thousand cruisers into town for the day. Just a nice, quiet, perfect getaway!

Africa: Kenya and Tanzania on Safari
The phrase "life-altering" is thrown around a bit too easily, but this is truly an experience like no other. The people, the sights, the sheer wonder of the African continent... We can't wait to go back!
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"It is approaching midnight. You and 3 buddies are in Scotland, thousands of miles from home. Roughly 8 hours earlier your rental car blew a tire in the middle of nowhere. After confirming that there were absolutely no rooms to be found anywhere, Paul called a personal friend of his, Bill Hill, a resident of nearby Edinburg. Could four strangers show up at his doorstep at midnight and find a place to lay their heads for the night? Bill, a world class tour guide and true gentleman, says he would be happy to help. When we show up, we are welcomed as old friends. We all enjoy a delicious glass of some of Scotland's finest whiskey and then place our heads down on the beds Bill so generously provided. We will always be indebted to Paul for his assistance in our time of need. Thanks again Paul!" Stephen F, Marietta, GA

"Paul's help and advice made a huge difference in our trip to Costa Rica last year! We would never take another trip without consulting Paul!" Roslyn & Darryl K, Atlanta, GA