I have been a travel consultant for 24 years. I am a Certified Travel Agent, an Adventure Travel Specialist, a Luxury Travel Specialist, a Certified Cruise Specialist and a Luxury Cruise Specialist.

I handle the international air for churches and organizations for their mission travel. I am a Christian and I am dedicated to finding the best fare for people that travel the world to share the good news about Jesus Christ.

I travel extensively and I have visited all continents except Antartica and it is on my bucket list. 

I enjoy arranging group travel for Senior Adults. I am an active adult so I include activites that exercise the body along with the mind. 

I have ballooned over Turkey, ziplined in Canada and Nicaragua, enjoyed elephant riding in Thailand and camel riding in Israel, swimming with stingrays in the Cayman Islands, and climbing to tops of cathedrals around the world. There is always an adventure around the next corner.

I work with individuals and families planning independent travel. These trips include cruises, escorted tours and train travel. Multigenerational trips are such fun - knowing that lifelong memories are being created. 

My life verse is Acts 1:8. I am to be a witness for my LORD to the ends of the earth. If people all around the world see Jesus Christ in me as I travel, then I have been successful not only in my business but also in my life.
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Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, UK & Ireland

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10 day trip traveling around Republic of Ireland by car.

Southern California
7 day trip traveling around Orange County, Long Beach, Laguana Beach and Newport Coast by car. Enjoying golf.

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