I started my luxury travel company over 24 years ago, specializing in world travel and cruises for individuals and families. 
My love for travel has given me the opportunity to visit many destinations and forge wonderful relationships in our industry. 

I love to work with clients to plan an itinerary from start to finish with unique inclusions. My favorite activity is planning future travel as their advisor so they have plans years in advance. I pride myself on being able to tell clients where to shop, where to dine and what to see in each location they visit. 

I escort small groups to exotic destinations such as India and Dubai, Southeast Asia, South America, Israel, Africa and Central Europe several times a year and am always asked, "Where is your next trip?" I have visited wine regions in Burgundy, Champagne, Napa, Tuscany, Loire Valley, Bordeaux and the Moselle Valley. 

My Virtuoso affiliation affords me the opportunity to extend extra amenities to my clients in our hotel program or on cruises. I am an Accredited Cruise Counselor and have been a Virtuoso Voyages Host many times. I was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of Saveur Magazine.

I take great pride in the accolades I receive when my clients return from a trip and the referrals they send me.
  • World Cup Yachts in Venice
  • View from Caesar Augustus Capri
  • Taj Mahal at Dawn
  • St Martin
  • South Africa
  • Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
  • Floating Market near Bangkok
  • Egypt
  • Cambodia
  • Amsterdam
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I recently returned from South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia. These countries and experiences there are magical. We stayed at luxury safari lodges and spent time in Capetown, Johannesburg, and Victoria Falls. The wildlife experience is something you will never forget and the cities are beautiful and interesting.

Southeast Asia
Seeing the temples in Cambodia and particularly Angkor Wat was an amazing experience. The history, culture and people of Viet Nam will long be remembered. The floating markets, China Beach and the many Buddhas stay in your mind.

India is a country of many contrasts. My vision of the Taj Mahal fulfilled a lifelong dream. The history and religious aspect are fascinating. The hotels are magnificent, the food is delicious, and there is color everywhere in the traditional dress of the people.

The country of China is so diverse and rich in ancient history. Imagine walking on the Great Wall, seeing the terracotta warriors, or strolling along the Bund in Shanghai. I know where to find the best dumplings and highly recommend a stop in Hong Kong for shopping.

The Mediterranean
I travel to Europe often either by land or cruise. I have spent a great deal of time in France and Italy through the years and feel very comfortable each time I return. My last trip was a cruise on a yacht with ports along the Amalfi Coast.

South America
I've been to South America several times visiting Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. I had the opportunity to attend Carnival in Rio with residents and had an unbelievable experience. The city of Rio is breathtaking and the beaches are divine. Punta del Este is a current hot spot.
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Suzanne Terry
Customer Accolades
"It was beyond all expectations -truly one of our best vacations ever! The cabin and location was just perfect. We both really appreciate your advice on which cabin to pick.Thank you so much for all of your help. It was just fantastic! I can't say enough good things about the whole experience" Jane S 

"We just got home….My compliments to you!. All the arrangements were perfect.  You did an outstanding job. Nothing was left undone. Bravo Bravo!!" Robin R

"Our trip to Spain was wonderful. The itinerary was great, the guides were excellent and the drivers were courteous and professional. The hotels were also wonderful. Overall the trip was amazing. Thanks for your help in putting it together!" Don H

"AMAZING  - a perfect trip. So much to tell you! Thanks a million" Phyllis S