My father’s import/export business made me aware that travel is a critical aspect of business success. He dealt with many German companies and we made several family trips there, including one to Munich for the 1972 Olympics. 

Germany continues to be one of my favorite countries to visit.  

Upon graduation from UNC- Chapel Hill I had the good fortune to join Pan Am. It was a wonderful company to be a part of and I had the best customer service training in the business at that time. The benefits provided by Pan Am allowed me to truly see the world. It was a sad day when they went out of business.

I moved back to North Carolina after having worked for Pan Am and had exposure to travel agency work. There were more lessons to learn about the importance of good customer service and the critical value of strong “back office support”.

An offer to join the in-house travel team at Glaxo resulted in the most important realization leading to my current business – I like being part of a corporate team, helping make travel as efficient and hassle-free as possible for the other members of the team. With Glaxo we were all fellow employees. Now, my teammates are from a number of different companies, but I feel that with each company I arrange travel for I am an important member of their team.

Tennyson Travel Services has derived substantial benefit from the support available through Travel Experts. My clients get the latest in reporting and travel documentation. With the various consortia on which I can draw, the cost of travel – and the amenities I can offer – are among the very best available in the industry.

Having been a professional agent for 35 years, industry changes are no surprise. The critical importance of attention to detail is a standard. Keeping my client's success as my highest priority is always my goal.

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