Sherry Widman

I have always had a great interest in different cultures. Curiosity led me to leave teaching and become a travel consultant. 

That was one of the best decisions of my life as it has afforded me the opportunity to travel to more that 75 countries and 6 continents. 

This globetrotting has been invaluable in helping me plan the best travel experiences possible for my clients.

I believe no 2 trips are alike and pride myself on listening carefully to each traveler's needs so that I may tailor their trip accordingly.

It is difficult to name a favorite destination as I have enjoyed them all for different reasons. Sights I will never forget are The Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Petra, The Sydney Opera House and Angkor Wat.
  • A military cemetery in Belgium
  • Sedona AZ
  • Keukenhof Gardens
  • Brussels
  • Quebec
  • The Netherlands
  • Spice Market Istanbul
  • Ephesus
  • Rhodes
  • Hudson River Valley
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Turkey and Greece
Sailed on the new Windstar Star Pride.
What a lovely ship. Enjoyed the history and beautiful scenery.

Netherlands and Belgium
Tulip Time in the Netherlands is a special experience. We took AMA Waterways river cruise through Belgium and the Netherlands and enjoyed the variety of ports. Amsterdam has changed quite a bit since I was last there.

Took a Tauck River boat cruise through France followed by a stay in my favorite city, Paris.

Spent the summer touring Canada from coast to coast.

South America
What a wonderful continent. Everything you could want to see in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

Exotic, mysterious and luxurious are the words I would use to describe this unique destination.
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