Aaron Nir
New York City, NY

Aaron Nir

Travel Advisor

TraveLegends plans, creates, and executes luxury travel for discerning clientele. When we plan travel, we speak from personal experience. We approach every trip from the point of view of the client because we too are that client. We have traveled the world to over 50 countries and stayed at the very best properties, dined at the finest restaurants, and have had the good fortune to experience each place we visit in style. Be it a safari at Singita Lebombo in South Africa, an impromptu celebration in St. Barths at the Isle de France, an anniversary dinner in a fireplace suite overlooking the canyons at the Hotel Bel Air, a private geisha performance after a dreamy tour around the temples of Kyoto – we create luxury travel experiences which lead to indelible memories.

Our planning process is first and foremost about listening to the client and then applying our expertise to create a fabulous journey. We take into account your interests, hobbies, intellectual pursuits, favored activities, preferred cuisines and create an itinerary and customized experiences based on your individual tastes. We love details and make sure your itinerary is time efficient and well-thought out and that you are aware of information that can impact your trip including local weather, holidays, customs and other pertinent information.

Please take a moment to look around our site and familiarize yourself with what we do and where we can take you. Drop us a note, stay in touch, and bon voyage!


United States-All, United Kingdom, China, Costa Rica, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, SaintBarthélemy, Switzerland, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Mexico


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