Allen Mitchem
Hendersonville, NC
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Allen Mitchem

Travel Advisor

For 20 years I worked for large and boutique luxury hotels in San Francisco and I love staying at fine hotels. The best ones present hospitality at its finest and are the basis of a wonderful trip. I know hotels and enjoy pairing clients with the exact one to fit their wishes.

I moved into the travel industry 20 years ago, creating trips that bring my clients' dreams to reality. I have traveled extensively in Japan, New Zealand, India, Canada, most of the U.S. and Europe. But it is visits to sub-Saharan Africa that create my passion for safari.

Whether it be the breathtaking great migration in East Africa; game viewing in the world's largest inland delta in Botswana; the outstanding combination of game viewing, delicious cuisine, unique landscape, and history of South Africa; or tiger trekking in India, the reality of safari is always astounding. I enjoy creating packages that capture the strength of the wild animals while providing human comforts.

Another favorite trek I like to recommend is a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru and the Galapagos Islands - going from the mystery of the high mountain to the sea level islands that are home to species seen nowhere else in the world.

Whatever your desire - from sophisticated cities to the outback of beyond ... from a simple independent voyage to an unforgettable travel package - I work with you to make it so. My experience makes it possible and it would be my pleasure.


Botswana, India, Kenya, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe


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