Anita Bausman
New Canaan, CT

Anita Bausman

Travel Advisor

I am the founder of On the Fly Travel, an independent affiliate of Travel Experts, Inc. We are part of a prestigious Virtuoso network of agencies which gives our clients extra amenities and perks.

As a child I have been fortunate enough to have spent much of my life in Denmark where most of my family lives. I have learned to adapt and truly enjoy different cultures and languages throughout my life and travel all over Europe. My husband and I have given the same gift to our children, traveling as much as we can all over the globe. I want to share all of my knowledge and experiences with you! This includes the love for culture, local flavors and adventure in your travels.

As my client, we will communicate together until we have a unique, customized itinerary that best suits your personalities and wishes. I pay attention to details that will help you immerse yourself at your destination and have the best experience possible. Whether it is a bucket list trip, a weekend getaway, near or far, I want it to be personalized and special.

I work closely with colleagues from all over the world forming friendships with them so that I can learn from them and find unique experiences so that I can share nothing but the best for my clients.

Interests: Adventure, Beach & Sun, Family Travel, Spa Vacations, Safari

Destinations: Italy, Kenya, Thailand, Hawaii, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Turks and Caicos Islands, Saint Barthélemy, United Kingdom, Peru, Croatia, Colombia, France