Carrie Millunzi, CTA
Charlotte, NC
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Carrie Millunzi, CTA

Travel Advisor

Traveling outside your hometown changes you. It may be a trip to Tibet, or it could be a weekend in New England. But getting out allows you to see the world in a new way. You’ll find things in common, and uncover hidden surprises.

We all want to be part of local life, even for a day – not to be tourists, but to be fellow travelers in life. What I’ve discovered is that the world is beautiful and full of beautiful people. Make your own discoveries. I promise it will be worth it!

My areas of focus include family travel, multi-generational travel, immersion in local culture, and adventure trips.

I have traveled throughout Europe (I am a dual citizen with Italy), and enjoyed visits to Fiji and New Zealand. After three trips to China, I'm a pro at long flights with kids!

The skills that have made me successful are passion, thoroughness, clear communications, a positive attitude, and a desire to serve others. It's time to take your next step worldwide!


Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Bhutan, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria


Beach & Sun, Family Travel, Food & Wine, Culture, History & Arts, Honeymoons