Cathy Reavis
Charlotte, NC
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Cathy Reavis

Travel Advisor

With twenty eight years in the travel industry I've seen just about every side of the business there is.

My first experience ended with the demise of Eastern Airlines - an unfortunate turn for the airline, but a wonderful bit of luck for me.

I moved from an airline to an agency, and I've never regretted the change.

I was raised in the south, in an age when traveling and discovering other cultures was, well... almost frowned upon. But my experience has shown me the wonder, the sheer joy of seeing the world through someone else's eyes, of walking in their shoes.

Travel is more than just seeing the sights and putting a check mark on your list of "places to go". It brings a change, a new way of seeing the world and everything in it - In fact, I can draw a line of similarity between my travels and the recent work I've done in Rwanda.

I specialize in "humanitarian" travel, and I'm proud to be a part of a

business development organization that enables people through microfinance. Seeing the transformation that occurs in people's lives as their self-perception changes is so rewarding. They begin to think of themselves as entrepreneurs, they develop a sense of dignity, of pride.

Travel, too - especially humanitarian travel - changes our perception of ourselves and the people around us. We return home with a new perspective on world itself, a new passion for life. It's that passion that I love bringing to my clients.


Israel, Italy, Rwanda, South Africa


Food & Wine, Culture, History & Arts, Honeymoons, Destination Weddings, River Cruising