Cookie Carney
Charlotte, NC

Cookie Carney

Travel Advisor

Having visited all seven continents, I can honestly say that the greatest joy of travel is not the places, it’s the people. Antarctica is a vivid memory, and I love adventure travel. But putting together a complex itinerary – whether it’s a honeymoon, a destination wedding or a family getaway – then watching my clients realize their dreams, seeing the joy in their faces… that’s what makes this such a rewarding life.

Of course, I do have some favorite destinations. In the Caribbean, Anguilla has great food and the most wonderful people. It’s not too hard to get to, but not so easy that everyone goes. And I visit Italy every year – you can’t keep me away! Every part of the country has its own cuisine, its own dialect, its own terrain… but most of all, its own personality.

You realize things like that when you travel – how each place has its own personality. Travel broadens our horizons like nothing else. I always encourage my clients to take along family – take the children, take the grandchildren! They’ll learn more in a week visiting Italy than they would learn in a year of studying Italy.

It can be difficult, conveying to new or prospective clients what a difference I can make in their travels, but I usually convince them I am worth so much more than any fee. There’s so much information available on the internet, and it looks so easy. It’s not. Whether it’s the most immersive river cruise through eastern Europe, or the finest culinary tour of France, my good friends – my clients – have come to rely on me for accurate, intuitive, insightful guidance. Guidance you just can’t get from a website. I hope you’ll do the same.


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