Diane Wilkinson
Atlanta, GA

Diane Wilkinson

Travel Advisor

I officially caught the travel bug when I became a Pan Am stewardess in the glamour days of travel in the late ‘60s. In the years that followed, I lived in Europe and roamed every possible corner of the continent. I later received degrees from Paris’ Le Cordon Bleu School of Cooking and Marcella Hazan’s Cooking School in Italy. When my family and I returned to Atlanta I began to teach cooking classes and lead culinary trips all over France and Italy. I’ve been in the travel advisor business for over 30 years, and I still draw on the contacts and knowledge I picked up from the culinary world and the best markets, bistros, and Michelin-star restaurants in Provence and Tuscany to inspire my foodie clients.

I’ve traveled to all seven continents and am passionate about many different types of travel. I love experiencing culture, from Paris to China’s Yunnan Province; exploring wildlife, from Tanzania to Botswana; scuba diving in Fiji and the Caribbean; and roaming the archaeological wonders from Peru to Petra. Determining my favorite destination is as impossible as it would be to pick my favorite child!

I am passionate about exploring the world, but mostly I love matching my clients to destinations and experiences that they too will become passionate about, from a private shopping excursion in New York City to parachuting and canyoning in New Zealand. I want my clients to experience their travels in a uniquely personal way and not have to worry about any of the details, and I do that through my extensive travel experience and fabulous contacts around the globe.

Interests: Family Travel, Safari, Culture, History & Arts, Adventure, Ocean Cruising

Destinations: France, Italy, Tanzania, China, Indonesia