Gayle Smith
Raleigh, NC
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Gayle Smith

Travel Advisor

As the wife of a chief medical officer — who has been in the healthcare industry for more than a decade — I’ve seen first hand the kind of stress healthcare leaders and professionals are put under constantly. We lived it. I have watched as my husband has been paged and called back to the hospital, even if it was his day off.

Whether you’re a member of your hospital’s C-Suite or a healthcare practitioner on the front lines, I bet you can relate to always feeling “on” for work. After a devastating illness and a long recovery, we realized something had to change. On a whim, I booked us a trip to Hawaii. The change in my husband was remarkable. He relaxed. The importance of taking time to recharge, reconnect and relax cannot be overstated.

I have planned our trips to England, China, Peru, Italy, Hawaii, Canada, and all over the U.S. And now, I help other stressed-out and over-worked healthcare executives and providers do the same. I’d love to create that space of self-discovery and reconnection for you.

I invite you to schedule your complimentary consultation call to discover how Prescription Travel can design the perfect travel experience, just for you.


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