Harold Panel
Raleigh, NC

Harold Panel

Travel Advisor

My career in the travel industry began with Eastern Airlines and continued with my entry into the travel agency business. With almost 50 years in the industry I use my knowledge and experience to insure that each client receives the value they deserve and expect with each trip they take. I have had many wonderful personal travel experiences and arranged travel for clients to destinations around the globe. My work is exciting, interesting and fullfilling. I look forward to each work day always anticipating what destinations I'll be researching for my clients. I realize that each trip is an investment in your quality of life. I realize that you are committing time and financial resources and my goal is to maximize the experiences for your expenditure.


Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Bermuda, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Russia, Puerto Rico, Mexico


Air Travel, Escorted Tours, Independent Tours, Ocean Cruising, River Cruising