Kim Steiger
Saint Charles, MN

Kim Steiger

Travel Advisor

I am truly blessed to have 36 years of Professional industry experience living what I am passionate about. My life was forever changed after having lived in Argentina. This experience created a passion and desire to share different cultures, and the world, with others. In 1984 I completed my travel degree and immediately began sharing my passion with others. Since that time I have continued to educate and earn a multitude of certifications and degrees within the industry and travel the world to share my first hand experiences and educate others.

It is important for me to provide more than just the basic travel services to my clients. It is imperative to connect and understand my clients desires and connect them with the right destination and travel experiences. I share cultural do's and don'ts, history, basic phrases and much more to guarantee my clients an optimal travel experience.

My areas of expertise include curating unique and memorable adventures both moderate and luxury. As a member of Virtuoso and the Adventure Travel and Trade Association, I have personal contacts through out the world who provide my clients exceptional services. One may not think you are an adventure enthusiast, however, adventure includes not just hiking and biking, but cruising, food, wine, history, architecture, religious, cultural experiences and so much more!

My personal educational travel experiences include, but are not limited to, the following:

Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania

Argentina, Brazil

Costa Rica, Mexico

Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Lichtenstein, England, Scotland, Ireland


Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Novia Scotia

Alaska; including Northern Tundra

Protect your travel investment and utilize an industry professional to insure an optimal travel experience.

Interests: Adventure, Culture, History & Arts, Escorted Tours, Ocean Cruising, River Cruising

Destinations: Australia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Belize, Germany, Austria, South Africa