Laura Madrid
Atlanta, GA
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Laura Madrid

Travel Advisor

I have always had an intense passion for travel, people, food and experiences.

My fascination with travel was instilled at a young age when I, my two brothers, and our Labrador Retriever were piloted by my mother in a five-seater, single engine airplane to a new life in the Costa Rican countryside.

Since then I has lived in Italy, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Through my adventurous childhood, during more than 18 years as a sales professional in the luxury hotel industry, and in recent years escorting my own children around the globe, I have experienced marvelous generational travel, milestone celebrations, and romantic getaways.

I listen to exactly what you, your partner, or your family envision your journey to be and then make recommendations that will suit your tastes, interests, and budget.

I provide my clients with personalized, bespoke, travel experiences that will be treasured forever. By taking the mystery and hassle out of researching and planning a special trip, I ensure my clients are excited, stress free, and enjoy every aspect of their travel experience.

So whether my clients travel on their own, as a family, with a group, they can rest assured that their peace of mind and ultimate enjoyment are always the top consideration.

My Company - "Resort to Laura Madrid" only works with top-end providers of luxury experiences around the globe.

Resort to Laura Madrid personally knows the products that are recommended to clients and insures that guests are warmly welcomed no matter where in the world they land.

Resort to Laura Madrid believes that travel is the only investment that actually makes you richer.


Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, France, India, Italy, Maldives, Peru, Spain, Thailand


Adventure, Beach & Sun, Family Travel, Food & Wine, Safari