Lauren Gunnels
Smyrna, GA
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Lauren Gunnels

Travel Advisor

Lauren believes that the world is our the greatest classroom, and that experiencing new places and cultures broadens our perspectives and our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.She believes that travel recharges us; connects us; educates us; fuels our inspiration; makes us better!

Lauren has traveled extensively and has lived in France, Japan and Hong Kong. She earned her degree from Georgetown University in French & Asian Studies; then during law school, she lived and worked in Hong Kong. After a successful career in law, Lauren decided to follow her life-long passion, making her personal pursuit her professional one. As a specialist in adventure & exotic travel, multi-generational & family travel, Africa, Europe & Asia, Lauren delves into the personal preferences of her clients, and uses her expertise and extensive global connections to craft custom itineraries and provides access to exclusive, extraordinary experiences and to benefits and amenities otherwise unavailable.

Interests: Safari, Beach & Sun, Family Travel, Culture, History & Arts, Adventure

Destinations: Japan, South Africa, Botswana, New Zealand, Australia, Maldives, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Thailand, Cambodia, Spain, Switzerland, Chile