Linda De Sosa
Houston, TX
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Linda De Sosa

Travel Advisor

I left the corporate world 25 years ago to follow my absolute passion for travel and became a leisure travel consultant. I have been to 150 countries and to all continents and US states. I have been to all but 2 European countries and am an Aussie and New Zealand specialist. I love Africa and have traveled there 8 times. I go to Great Britain at least once a year to explore and London is my favorite city in the world.

One other specialty is cruising - I have been on 38 on rivers as well as oceans. I also have been involved with adventure and history travel for many years.

I am very proud to be in the first class of advisors trained on the WANDERLIST bucket list generator program. Since I have been all over the world, I am perfectly set up to help you decide where you want to go and then design a special experience for you!

I was one of the first travel agents to earn the new VTA certification from ASTA. I have my MBA from Stanford and my MLS from Rice. The only thing that approaches my passion for travel (besides my kids and beautiful granddaughter) is history. My primary specialty is European history, especially the UK, but I present at history symposiums on many topics and love to teach people where to go to make history come alive!


WANDERLIST - trained advisor

Named one of the top 25 agents in US 2x -Travel Agent Magazine

Houston Chronicle Ultimate Travel Agent

Elite Cruise Counselor(ECC)

Certified Travel Associate (CTA)

Verified Travel Advisor (VTA)

Graduate - Disney College of Knowledge

Been to 150 countries, 50 states, 7 continents

  • Alaska twice and Hawaii 7 times
  • 38 cruises, both river and ocean
  • Extensive travel in Europe (1-4 times/ year), all but Andorra and Kosovo
  • Widespread travel around Asia/Africa (10/8)
  • Caribbean (all but Cuba)/Mexico (extensive)
  • Australia (5) and NZ (2) specialist
  • Many visits all over Canada
  • Central/South America (11)


United States - All, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, China, France, Germany, Italy, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand


Adventure, Culture, History & Arts, Safari, Independent Tours, River Cruising