Mark Rubinstein
Naples, FL
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Mark Rubinstein

Travel Advisor

It’s a huge world out there but our curiosity to explore is even bigger—I know.

I’ve traveled across the US, Europe, China, India, Australia, Africa and the Galapagos. With each trip, I’ve had the opportunity to experience first-hand what might suit the differing needs of my clients. With 30 years in the travel industry, and managing a Virtuoso travel agency, I have personal relationships with a large range of Virtuoso and other service providers that can make any trip special.

Fellow explorers, I invite you to fill in the blank,

Allow me to help you craft a memorable travel experience. I truly believe that my long career in global travel, my passion for total satisfaction and great attention to detail will make your next trip one to remember!


Australia, New Zealand, Botswana, China, Ecuador, India, Italy, South Africa