Mary Catherine Sinkule
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Mountain Brk, AL

Mary Catherine Sinkule

Travel Advisor

Travel has been an important part of Mary Catherine’s life for a long time. New experiences and new sights to be seen keep her thirsting for more. Ever since she was a child she traveled to Disney and the beach and then all of the school trips came, and she signed up for as many as she could. Then, college had this January term where you could travel for a month. And she took advantage of that with a month in Italy and a month on a sailboat in the Caribbean with her best friends. She then graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and then in January 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting.

After college, she worked for the artist Nall’s wife in the south of France for a few months, then left, and traveled all over by herself, from the top of Switzerland in Jungfraujoch to the beaches of Barcelona. Normandy on the 4th of July was an incredible experience as the land was American soil given to America by the French. She headed home for the States right before Bastille day and wanted to begin a career in travel, but the tragic events of 911 happened and her dreams were delayed. She took a job at an architecture firm as a graphic designer and created 3D models on the computer of houses in addition to commercial buildings before they were built. This experience led her to learn all about design, which would help her in picking the perfect hotel for her clients.

After a few years of the architecture firm, she then became an art teacher and started working on her art on the side. She was successful as an artist and then turned it into a full time job, but then an opportunity came along in 2011 to get into the travel business with All Seasons Travel. She worked there full time for four years until she went independent and currently works for her own company as CEO and Luxury Leisure Travel Advisor for Mary Catherine Sinkule Travel, LLC, an independent affiliate of Travel Experts.

Her combined experience of architecture, art, and her attention to detail create a unique set of skills for her to arrange only the best for her clients. She has been back to Europe many times since her first trip to Italy in 1998. Italy is still her number one favorite destination possibly due to the art, architecture, food, and wine. She also arranges trips throughout Eastern and Western Europe, the Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean and Mexico, Canada, Central America, and all of the United States.

Interests: Family Travel, Food & Wine, Culture, History & Arts, Honeymoons, Hotels

Destinations: United States-All, Ireland, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Fiji, France, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, Netherlands, Saint Lucia, Spain, Switzerland, Turks and Caicos Islands, Mexico