Mary Lou Yeager
Williamsburg, VA
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Mary Lou Yeager

Travel Advisor

Beyond my 45 years as a travel advisor, my background in screenwriting and theater relates to working with clients and understanding their stories. As in writing, I love the creative process when it comes to trip planning. You are the main character in your travel story, which I am creating for you.

I have lived in Spain and the Philippines and seen the world in many ways. My expertise is custom designed travel for individuals and groups.

I am especially proud of my SCOTSMASTER certification after two years of study. In 1996, it was awarded by the Scottish Tourist Board under the auspices of the University of Edinburgh. Every year I attend Visit Scotland Expo in Scotland for the purpose of meeting new and existing suppliers and inspecting hotels and venues. You might say I can plan a Scotland tour for you with the knowledge of when to turn left and right. Let me know your Scottish interests. I can take you there. I am quite thrilled and honored to be included in the Conde Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialists List 2023.

Having left Scotland, let's move to Ireland and Britain. Cross the Channel and we are in la belle France. Food, wine, language, history. Explore rivers and canals, quaint villages, magnificent chateaux, and cathedrals. The list goes on. And how about a river cruise? Christmas Markets are magical! In fact, I love them so much I have been hosting a group every year.

Moving to Downunder, I have been an Aussie Specialist since Tourism Australia introduced the program in the 90’s. Having explored Australia with more than ten visits, ask me about planning your vacation.

Hope to hear from you soon. Together let’s make your travel dreams happen.

Interests: Food & Wine, Culture, History & Arts, Independent Tours, Ocean Cruising, River Cruising

Destinations: Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Fiji, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria