Michelle Woodson Howell
Elkton, MD
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Michelle Woodson Howell

Travel Advisor

I grew up in the diplomatic corps, and had the privilege of traveling the world at a very early age.

As a former ambassador’s daughter, I've lived in diverse places such as London, England, Kingston, Jamaica, Mogadiscio, Somalia and Rome, Italy.

This experience cemented my love and passion for travel, food, wine and art. I've also visited more cities than I can possibly count!

In 2003, I experienced a personal tragedy in my life. This event made me realize the importance of sharing my passions and celebrating life.

My goals are to provide exceptional service, always exceed your expectations, and strive to ensure that your travel dollars are spent as wisely as possible. I do not compete with internet sites for the lowest price and minimal expectations.

I organise a number of affinity group trips - including Food, Wine and Golf. See these links for some examples: "Play the Game" "Five Continents"

I absolutely love travel because it completely changes your outlook on life, connects us to one another and turns you into a storyteller. Travel, and the ripple effects of travel, changes lives!

Please contact me directly for more information. I look forward to working with you on an amazing adventure. Don't let your dreams be dreams!