Nancy Wells
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Macon, GA

Nancy Wells

Travel Advisor

With thirty one years in the travel business and five continents visited, I have acquired a level of knowledge to provide my clients with everything they need for a memorable vacation. I do everything in my power – for every client – to ensure their dream vacation is as “dreamy” as they’d hoped.

There’s nothing more rewarding than speaking with a traveler who has just returned from a trip, and being told “It was wonderful!” Finding the perfect cruise, or putting together just the right elements of an independent itinerary… that’s what makes my job so rewarding.

I specialize in luxury cruises – luxury travel of all kinds, really – and I love what I do. Not long ago a client booked a Seabourn cruise, and just happened to mention he’d just gotten engaged. “This is our pre-honeymoon!” he told me. Well, I couldn’t let that pass unnoticed. I called Seabourn and arranged for my client and his fiancé to have dinner with the Captain. They were thrilled! … and I was thrilled for them.

Travel has taught me so much, and has expanded my horizons in an amazing way. I still remember, on my first trip to China in 1983, a young man I met while visiting Nanjing. Back then, American tourists in China were still fairly rare, and the Chinese people were not used to seeing us. You could feel them watching you, they would follow you shyly, observing and listening. But one bold young man stepped up and asked if he could practice his near-perfect English with us. He apologized over and over, even though his English was almost as good as mine! I asked him how he had learned the language so well. “From Radio Free Europe”, he said.

He accompanied us for several hours that afternoon, and it was a cross-cultural experience I’ll never forget. That is exactly the kind of experience I love creating for my clients.

I look forward to doing all that and more for you!