Nikki Streich
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Nikki Streich

Travel Advisor

Travel - especially luxury travel - should inspire, rejuvenate and enrich your life. Every trip you take should be uniquely built around your travel needs and desires. Too often travelers, using generalist services and guidebooks, end up merely checking off boxes from a “supposed-to-see” list and not those best suited to their interests.

As your expert travel advisory partner we get to know you well enough that we can design amazing and exclusive luxury trips - perfectly tailored to your needs and desires - every time.

Services include customized management of travel portfolios – travel goals & dreams, loyalty and/or subscription services (e.g. hotel/airline/jet/villa), resource management and recommendations (e.g. apps, global phones), and more.

Partnerships are extremely limited and only considered based on referral from current clients or after consultation. For more details please email

Interests: Food & Wine, Adventure, Safari, Yacht Charter, Festivals & Events