Peggy Purtell
Milwaukee, WI

Peggy Purtell

Travel Advisor

Growing up, we didn’t go to summer camp, we travelled—whether it was driving across country and seeing the great plains transition into the rocky mountains, or heading to Europe for 6 weeks-hitting every country, we bonded as a family, learned more than we could from a book, and created memories that will last a lifetime.

My priority is to create an experience for my clients that mirror my own values and experiences -Creating memories of a lifetime!

I believe that travel, if properly planned and executed, can provide you with fulfillment that lasts long beyond the trip itself. Along with carrying memories of the time you had, you can return with lingering feelings of relaxation, renewal, inspiration and energy.

Connecting with people from other countries is the one of the best parts of travel. We all love museums, fabulous restaurants and tours, grand hotels, etc. but the most memorable travel experiences are the people we meet along our journey-whether it is the shopkeeper in Kinsale, the boat captain in Anguilla that serves a mean rum punch, or the East Berliner who smuggled 35 people across the border, they all enrich our lives and meeting them is the best gift ever.

I want my clients to enjoy new experiences, and to develop a human connection during their travels - and enjoy the jouney!


France, Italy, South Africa