Richard Muller
West Chester, PA

Richard Muller

Travel Advisor

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and attended Lycoming College where I earned a BA in English and History. After graduation from college, I studied in Graz, Austria, and became hooked on travel. I spent thirty-four years teaching English, primarily British Literature and writing, at Henderson High School.

I entered the world of travel in 1967 when I planned a trip for friends. Since then I have taken thousands of my students, their parents and families all over the world. As an avid sports fan, I also have specialized in dealing with sports travel. I have arranged international tournaments in Australia, Europe, Canada, and the USA for elite youth soccer clubs {FC Delco) and for universities {Johns Hopkins University].

My passion lies in unraveling the mysteries of the world to anyone who wishes to open their minds and hearts to the similarities we all share as human beings.