Sarah Kraemer
Teton Village, WY
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Sarah Kraemer

Travel Advisor

I leverage my training as a journalist, developing sources and seeking information, to being a travel advisor. My background as a producer for CNN and The Discovery Channel has trained me to notice the subtle details of an itinerary, and to seek out unique adventures for my clients. I love learning the stories of the people we meet along the wonderful road of life, and believe the human connections made along the way are the true souvenirs of travel. There is great joy in planning a trip for 3 or even 4 generations of a family, and hearing how deep bonds have been enhanced as a grandmother has uninterrupted time to show her grandson where to find the best gelato in Rome.

Interests: Sports & Outdoors, Safari, Ocean Cruising, River Cruising, Honeymoons

Destinations: Costa Rica, India, French Polynesia, Israel, Argentina, Italy, Morocco, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Botswana, Vietnam, Hawaii, Rocky Mountains, Peru