Sharon Gruber
Newnan, GA

Sharon Gruber

Travel Advisor

Sharon has a lifelong love of travel, and she loves crafting the details almost as much. She believes travel shapes the perspectives we hold of the world and the people in it. With this in mind, Sharon is constantly creating the next adventure. Some of her favorite trips have been a train journey through Scotland, fishing in Alaska, and a festive Thanksgiving in the markets of Florence.

Sharon’s philosophy in travel planning is-each day should allow time to wander because that’s where wonderful happens - transitions should be comfortable, flexible, and adaptable, because planning for the unexpected is an essential part of travel-plans should merge the hopes and preferences of each travel partner because relationships are some of the most meaningful parts of our journey

Whatever spurs your desire to travel, Sharon would love to work with you to transform your dreams into a unique and treasured experience.

Interests: Adventure, Culture, History & Arts, Family Travel, Ocean Cruising, River Cruising