Sherry Herrington
McKinney, TX

Sherry Herrington

Travel Advisor

My travel career has taken me to many destinations over the past twelve years.

When I return home from a trip, I am eagerly anticipating the next.

Travel is the best way to learn and experience different cultures and places; it opens your mind, and enriches the soul.

Unique destinations I have had the pleasure of visiting extensively include the Galapagos Islands, where each day brought entirely different wildlife and fauna, the fortress of Macchu Picchu with all its’ magical mystique, Belize with its’ diversity of wildlife and pristine underwater adventures, and Costa Rica offering an abundance of wildlife and adventure. Each one has an unforgettable beauty and distinctness.

My more traditional travels have included escorted tours over most of Europe, Egypt, and Russia. I am an Accredited Cruise Counselor and have also enjoyed several cruises upon different types of ships in Europe and the Caribbean.

My daughter and I work together as Great Migrations Travel Advisors- an affiliate of Travel Experts. We truly enjoy traveling and love the opportunity to assist clients in fulfilling their travel dreams. Our client’s trust and satisfaction is priority, and strive to achieve and maintain high levels of each.

It is always thrilling to match a client’s aspirations with the perfect travel experience. We would love the opportunity to work with you on your next Great Migration!


Canada, United Kingdom, Belize, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, Peru, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Austria, United States-Alaska, United States-Hawaii, United States-PacificNorthwest