Simona Cassius
Memphis, TN

Simona Cassius

Travel Advisor

Born in Riga, Latvia, Simona Cassius has traveled the world. From New York City to Israel, Alaska to Costa Rica, her experiences have been rich and filled with fascinating people, places, foods, colors and variety.

Simona’s love for travel and adventures developed at the tender age of six when her family took their first trip overseas to immigrate to their new home, the United States. Since then, she has traveled extensively throughout the United States and internationally both for personal travel and as a travel writer for a well-known publication.

As a mother of two children, Simona has been blessed to introduce and share her love of travel with her kids, who are growing up as global citizens of the world. They frequently reminisce of a five-week tour of Canada and more recently a month-long stay in Costa Rica. There is no better classroom than being able to learn about a destination first-hand, and it brings Simona great joy to know that travel has become as great a part of their lives as it has hers.

Prior to founding Prana Journeys, Simona was a travel writer for seven years. The experience allowed her the opportunity to gain private access to venues, dine with Michelin Star chefs and more, adding to her already immense love of travel and creating an insatiable desire for more.

Prana Journeys is Simona’s dream come true to be able to help people carve out their own once-in-a-lifetime journeys and return changed for the better. By combining luxury travel together with wellness travel, Simona aspires to create ultimate travel experiences that leave her clients feeling revived and rejuvenated. It is with great pleasure that Prana Journeys help others realize their travel dreams.