Sophie Solomon
Katonah, NY

Sophie Solomon

Travel Advisor

I was born in London, England but spent summers in France experiencing the culture and people and making friends and memories. It made me realize that there was so much of the world to explore. I have now spent a third of my life outside of the UK living in Asia and North America. My perspective of the world and life has been changed forever. Travel is exciting, a journey which creates memories never to be repeated or replaced.

I have been working in the travel industry for 5 years and worked in the food industry for 13 years before that, both in small and large corporations. I have a high level of professionalism and business ethics and have a true passion for travel, different cultures and the world.

When I plan vacations for customers, I step into the process from their perspective so that I provide a tailor made journey matching their needs and desires. I provide a high level of service throughout by listening, researching and negotiating the best deals and focusing on the details. I am diligent and hard working on the clients behalf to provide them a seamless and unique vacation. The truly rewarding part for me comes from the clients enjoyment and repeat business.

To Travel is to Live!

Interests: Adventure, Beach & Sun, Honeymoons, Family Travel, Ocean Cruising

Destinations: Iceland, Italy, New Zealand, Thailand, China, France, Cayman Islands, Greece, Australia, Aruba, Mexico, Cambodia, Barbados, Spain, Japan