Sue Michailidis
San Clemente, CA

Sue Michailidis

Travel Advisor

I have been selling travel since 2001 when I moved with my fiance to the island of Maui. On day one in a bustling travel agency, I knew I had struck lightening and found my calling.

I love having the honor of assisting my clients with their precious commodity of time well spent. Helping create memories to last a lifetime? Priceless.

I specialize in honeymoon and family travel. As for locations, I have traveled extensively throughout and primarily sell: French Polynesia, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, South Africa, New Zealand, Greece and Europe.

Together with my agency, Travel Experts, I strive to offer a Wow experience, with extra touches, complimentary amenities , and best available rates with 5* hotels and airlines all over the world.

Interests: Adventure, Beach & Sun, Food & Wine, Honeymoons, Family Travel

Destinations: French Polynesia, Greece, Thailand, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, United States - Hawaii, Mexico, Anguilla, Saint Barthélemy, Vietnam, Costa Rica, South Africa, Indonesia