Tamsin Allpress
Hendersonville, NC
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Tamsin Allpress

Travel Advisor

I'm fortunate to have lived on three continents, absorbing widely differing cultures, and traveling to fascinating places around the world. In Zimbabwe and England I worked as an RN and midwife. In Switzerland my full-time occupation was the care of our two little girls.

These years provided invaluable tools for my reinvention as a professional travel counselor. In-depth destination knowledge and cultural appreciation are obvious requirements, and just as a nurse/midwife cares for her patients these skills are equally necessary while caring for clients travel needs.

As manager of an agency just outside New York City, I started my own consulting travel business in 1987 acquiring several specialist designations along the way from an International Airline Rate agent trained by Lufthansa to my most recent designation as a Yacht Adventure Specialist.

Travel planning, itinerary design, and implementation are a joint venture between myself and traveler. Add your dreams and desires to the equation with your interests and preferences I'll create your most rewarding adventure.

Whether your travels take you far or near, I'll help you return with lifelong memories and experiences.

"Boundaries Divide, Travel Unites"