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My goal in establishing Travel Experts 30 years ago, was to gather a group of travel counselors who shared such a passion for travel, that it became contagious to all around them! That describes our counselors today. They want to promote travel because they love to travel themselves and are passionate about it. They believe in sharing their experiences, expertise and enthusiasm with as many people as they can and are committed to offering expert and unbiased advice. They constantly strive to be the best of the best, and maintain the latest in destination knowledge. They believe in working closely with their travelers, in order to understand just exactly how to turn their travel dreams…. into reality.

About Travel Experts
Travel Experts has been a premier travel design firm since 1989, made up of only the industry’s premium travel counselors. Travel Experts members are experienced professionals who operate as independent contractors, fully embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of their individual businesses. They have the travel expertise and business acumen needed to enable them to work independently while at the same time enjoying the advantages of associating with a nationally recognized premier agency. What this means to you, the customer, is the best possible service and attention because it is in their best interest to have you as a satisfied client.

Through our membership in Virtuoso, an invitation only network of the world's best travel agencies, we can offer you our personal relationships with the top hotels, resorts, spas, lodges, airline, cruise lines and tour companies to provide you with incredible values and rare experiences - from complimentary upgrades and amenities to special recognition and privileged access.

As you browse through our travel consultants, you will note an extensive variety of specialists who can satisfy all types of travel needs including vacation planning, family adventure, group and incentive travel, religious travel and corporate travel management. We invite you to search out the specialist that will create the perfect trip for you!
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Travel Experts is a member of all major industry organizations, and proud to be one of Virtuoso's top producing agencies year after year. These affiliations allow us to offer exclusive services and resources to our clients. 

These resources are specifically available to our travel advisors - giving them the power and influence of a worldwide agency, while offering individual and unique services.

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Susan Ferrell- Owner - Travel Experts
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