I have been in the travel business since the 1990's and have been fortunate to have traveled the world. I have done so independently as well as on tours, and have taken cruises on both small and large ships. All of my trips have enabled me to make the right suggestions for my client's travel needs.

My main goal is to help my clients have the best experience possible, so that they can build memories that will last a lifetime. Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with clients from different generations of the same family. From grandparents, to their children, to their grandchildren. I try to "go the extra mile" for my clients and surprise them with special touring and gifts that they never expected to receive.

As an affiliate of Travel Experts, I am a member of the Virtuoso consortium which offers my clients tremendous benefits and extra amenities whenever they stay at a Virtuoso property. I have also enriched my knowledge in certain areas with formal education, by becoming a specialist in Destination Weddings, the Cayman Islands, the Dominican Republic, Hyatt Hotels, London and have become an Oceania Cruise Expert, to name just a few. I have also become an Orient Express Hotel Bellini Club and Starwood Hotels graduate.
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  • Venice
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  • Terrocatta Warriors - China
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Mediterranean Cruise
I have just taken a cruise on the Silver Spirit which was phenomenal. The staff was very helpful. The itinerary was Venice to Monte Carlo. In Dubrovnik, I went with the Virtuoso onsite Exeter International who had a very professional and knowledge guide.

I was just in Italy to do site inspections at the Villa D'ste, in Milan and Florence at the Four Seasons, in Tuscany at the Grand Hotel Continental, and at Castiglion Del Bosco. Every property was phenomenal and as always the food was delicious.

Working with our VAST suppliers I put together a great trip with my entire family to see many parts of the country. From city life in Buenos Aires to glacier hiking in Patagonia, to visiting the powerful Iguazu Falls. It was a trip of a lifetime.

From Beijing with its history, to Xian with its awe inspiring site the terracotta warriors, to Shanghai to learn about city life, to Hong Kong and Macau. My Virtuoso onsite got me special access to many historic landmarks. It was a trip that was exceptionally memorable.

This country was exciting from climbing the Sydney Harbor bridge to going to the Opera. From snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, to visiting Melbourne. From visiting Ayers rock and walking around at your tent camp, at Longitude 131, there is a lot to let about the Aboriginal people.

New Zealand
Learning about the Maori people in a beautiful country. Going bungee jumping at the original site where AJ Hackett developed the sport to the jet boating on the Dart River. Going to Milford Sound and taking a boat is beautiful ride, there is so much to do.
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