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Travel is my passion! I’ve been to 139 countries and all continents and US states as well as 36 cruises on oceans and rivers. As a result, you might call me a generalist with a lot of specialist knowledge. I love to focus on bucket list trips – so sad when one client returned saying "I waited too long." 

As an Aussie and New Zealand specialist, Australia is my favorite country. My 4th trip is scheduled soon. London is my happy place- go at least twice a year. My favorite continent is Africa. I’ve been 7 times. However, since my son-in-law was Kenyan-raised, they will be resettling there soon with my new grandchild, Liana, which means yearly trips!

My other passion is history. I love planning trips to make history come alive for kids and adults alike. I confess I am a nerd. I love plague tours, adventures exploring new cultures and specialist tours on architecture and the Holocaust. I have also explored my ancestral roots – lots of fixer-upper castles in Wales and England! I know a little about a ton as evidenced by my appearance on Jeopardy! long ago.

My Background -
After earning my Stanford MBA, I climbed the corporate ladder as one of the first women with young children to break through. After a health crisis, I decided to follow my passion and became a travel consultant over 22 years ago. I’ve taken my 4 children all over the world, learning a lot about family travel.
  • Iceland and the fissure between the plates
  • Antarctica’s penguins were cool (literally)
  • Incredibly moving Hill of Crosses in Lithuania
  • Getting a little too close to molten lava in Nicaragua!
  • Went to the Royal Wedding, of course!
  • Staying in the Ice Hotel at -5
  • Wondering whether polar bears could read and stay behind the sign
  • I adore cuddling babies in Africa!
  • Yes, that is me bungee jumping in New Zealand!
  • Meeting the Hill tribes in Thailand
  • Ring of Brodgar
  • Incredible Scottish scenery
  • Scottish cottage
  • In the Carrara marble quarries
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Southern France river cruise
I've been several times, but this river cruise allowed me to see wonderful tiny medieval cities without packing and unpacking.

Myanmar, Laos, and Chiang Mai
I love going places that have not been fully discovered yet. More temples than you can count - over 4000! Sweet gentle people and elephants. Surprisingly luxurious hotels!

The Ice Hotel north of the Arctic Circle
Always in search of my next bucket list trip, I went to this hotel literally made out of ice in northern Sweden. Lots of adventure and opportunities to see the Northern Lights. Given I am always hot, sleeping in 5 degrees below was wonderful!

Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus
I am always looking for new countries to visit. I especially love Eastern European countries, not only for their hard fight for freedom, but also for their whimsical statues. Black cats, Napoleon mooning the French Embassy, and the Hill of Crosses were just some of the memorable ones. Riga, Latvia is amazing with a huge collection of intricate Art Nouveau houses.

Orkney Islands
Explored the outer reaches of Scotland, including the Orkney Islands which were just fascinating. They have a Neolithic village that was preserved under a sand dune along with standing stones and the ring of Brodgar. There was an amazing amount of World War II history despite its remoteness.

Jersey and Guernsey 
Speaking of remote British Isles, I took this opportunity to visit the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey. Besides the eponymous cows, they have a fascinating amount of World War II remnants, given they were occupied by the Nazis. There are also Neolithic tombs here
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