Michele Grace

I love to immerse myself in the destinations to which I travel - Learn the history and culture, eat the food, learn the language, live the life!

I have always had a passion for travel. I chose my management consulting career out of college because there were opportunities to travel. Now I'm building my career planning journeys. 

My strengths as a travel advisor are my personal knowledge of more than 60 countries and 45 states, my experience managing projects and always treating my clients like VIPs.

I love to plan travel!
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  • The Iconic Taj Mahal
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City          Houston, Texas
Phone      +1 713-240-1063
Email       michele@michelegracetravel.com
Website   www.michelegracetravel.com 
FB           Michelesirnagrace
Africa, Caribbean, Italy, Mediterranean Region, South America

Family Travel, Food & Wine, Honeymoon & Anniversary, Multi-generation, Safari
Italy & France
I go to Italy every year. I was also fortunate to live in France in the past. I have seen most of these 2 wonderful countries and have planned numerous client trips. Experience the Dolce Vita!

What an amazing experience for the senses. Gorgeous architecture, brilliant colorful saris, delicious food, and a cacophony of sounds. This is still a very exotic destination

Croatia, Slovenia & Montenegro
The crossroads of West & East. What an interesting history this destination offers. And the food and wine are reasons to go in themselves.

Another wonderful southern European city with wonderful history, culture, architecture and food & wine. A up & coming destination.

"The best trip ever!" proclaimed my two well traveled teenagers. It's the perfect trip. Every day different from the ones before. History, culture, adventure, food, and a lot of fun!
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