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Before I ever traveled I had a heightened excitement about the possibility -because my father traveled the world on business and always brought back the most amazing pictures! Our family would watch as a slideshow. South America, Africa, Europe, Asia…. I was enthralled- and hooked!

For most of my adult life I DID travel, but mostly through moves with my military spouse. Wherever we lived I became the go-to coordinator of activities and special knowledge about each place. Eventually our assignments led us to Europe where I jumped right in, meeting sources and researching experiences for family and friends. 

I felt sorry for those tourists I saw who were either herded through iconic sites in large groups, or who had their noses buried in the same guidebooks - Instead I began meeting locals and experts because it was important to me that whoever was traveling with me felt as if they were treasured guests being led to all the “good stuff” about the place visited, and not just a tourist, a number in a crowd - This is how I realized my true passion- and purpose!

Upon return to the U.S., I saw lots of people were traveling but I was horrified at the WAY they did it– hoping for the best when booking online, searching and searching the web and STILL not being to access what I had mined only through personal contacts with the best sources in the world. I knew things that are un-Googleable!

I started my travel boutique and continue making those connections because I want everyone to feel like a beloved guest wherever their travels take them and to have hidden doors opened for them so that they can have the best possible memories. 

I make sure you EXPERIENCE a place personally, not just “see” it.

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​Europe, South America, Central America, Africa, Asia

Independent, Multi-generation, Adventure, Cultural, Custom Travel
Umbria, Florence, Rome, Veneto, Piemonte

Germany, Austria, Czech Republic
Bavaria, Black Forest region; Vienna, Salzburgerland, Tirol; Prague and Bohemia region

Sydney, Southern Australia, Kangaroo Island, Barossa Valley wine region, Adelaide and Melbourne

Costa Rica
Adventure trip, spa resorts, wildlife

UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman) and Bahrain cultural exploration. Cities and desert resorts

Paris, Alsace region
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"Theresa’s great assets: listening skill, patience, timely responses, creativity, knowledge of the country and what/who is available to enhance the experience, and pulling all the details together in a coherent package so that we could relax and enjoy our vacation."

"We had several conversations with Theresa about where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. She took all that, added some new things based on what we seemed to like, and crafted a fabulous trip for us."

"Theresa knows her stuff!! This is a woman who has traveled, lived abroad, and has the wisdom and insight to make a perfect customized matter what your travel needs are!"