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Trish Gastineau

239 494 5226
Naples FL

I’m Trish and I’m passionate about helping people travel to Europe!I’m a Navy brat & I’ve traveled my whole life, but my love affair with Europe started when my friend’s Fathers began to be stationed there. When my Dad came up for re-enlistment, I would... read more

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Trish Mercer

Columbus GA

I have been a world traveler for over 30 years. I married a professional Army officer, and visited 27 countries before I was 27 years old. I escorted my first tour groups in Europe and the Middle East in the late 1970's. I feel that... read more

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Vanessa Snider

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Long Beach CA

The smells, colors and flavors are the best parts about traveling. First hand experience allows me to share unique details about a property or destination; elevating typical travel to an extraordinary experience. So whether you yearn to taste the tapas of Barcelona, hear the sound... read more

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Vickie Rust

+1 804-510-0606
Richmond VA

I have had an interest in travel since childhood, and dreamed of traveling the world when I grew up. After entering the travel industry f following graduation from college, these dreams became reality, and I have had the good fortune to visit many countries in... read more

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Vivian Taylor

Raleigh NC

I became a travel agent because I want to bring the joy of travel to people's lives and help change the world, one trip at a time. I have a special interest in elephants and am an avid endangered species advocate. I also collect wine... read more