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Laura Thomas

Newnan GA

I grew up in a family that loved to travel and was fortunate enough to visit many amazing destinations during my youth. During college, I participated in a study abroad program in which I sailed around the world, visiting 10 countries throughout the journey. This... read more

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Sharon Gruber

Newnan GA

Sharon has a lifelong love of travel, and she loves crafting the details almost as much. She believes travel shapes the perspectives we hold of the world and the people in it. With this in mind, Sharon is constantly creating the next adventure. Some of... read more

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Amy Ongaro

San Rafael CA

Hello and Welcome to my Travel Experts Profile! I am glad you are here.My specialties are Luxury Adventure & Wellness Travel, and Private Jet Journeys. As a trusted Virtuoso Luxury Travel Advisor, I work with vetted, high quality travel suppliers, leveraging my relationships to create... read more

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Pam Gay

678 656 3056
Saint Augustine FL

There will always be a Luxe Traveler.The traveler who defines luxury as seeing the world in authentic and intrepid ways. Upon planning, embarking and experiencing a journey, this traveler feels forever changed.My job is to make this happen in an effortless way, maximizing travel confidence... read more

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Ellen LeCompte

Richmond VA

Though a UK and Europe specialist, I am very comfortable - and enthusiastic about - many other places around the globe from Africa to Bora Bora. Family travel, especially multi-generational, and small special interest groups are areas of extensive experience and pleasure for me. London... read more

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Carol Medley

Louisville KY

I have been in the travel business for 36 years. I specialize in creating custom itineraries in Europe and Africa.Interests: Adventure, Safari, Hotels, Independent Tours, Ocean CruisingDestinations: Ecuador, South Africa, Italy, France, Spain read more

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Julie Schmidt

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Dallas TX

My passion for travel began 20 years ago with a college study abroad program in Madrid. After living in Spain for 6 months, I knew I had to see the world! Since then, my adventures have taken me to amazing destinations throughout the globe and... read more

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Amy Daniel

Montgomery AL

Amy Daniel is the owner of Custom Design Travel LLC, an affiliate of Travel Experts located in Montgomery, AL. She's been in the travel industry for 23 years and is a Certified Travel Associate (CTA). She has a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University at Montgomery.Amy... read more

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Lisa Blair

Dallas TX

I got my love of travel from my father who is 92 and he is still a world traveler! I encourage my clients to step out of their comfort zone and see the world! There are so many wonderful and exotic places to explore! Its... read more

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Sarah Pierson

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Denver CO

Having lived in London and traveled much of the world both with and without children, I have a wealth of knowledge to share with my clients. I have a passion for travel and especially for legacy travel, making a donation to charitable work in every... read more

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Debbie Dos Santos

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Alpharetta GA

I began my travel career traveling the USA as a little girl in the back of a station wagon with my parents and siblings- with no seat belts! Wanderlust set immediately. My desire to explore compelled me to earn my MBA in International Business and... read more

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Alisa Glover

Marrietta GA

I am from a small town in Missouri. I developed a love for travel by being in the midwest and traveling all over the US with family, various ministries, camps and organizations. I graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Travel and... read more

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Caroline Labbe

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Midway UT

I simply cannot imagine life without exceptional international travel.Alongside my family, I have explored the globe, experiencing the best that luxury travel has to offer. Combined with my background in hospitality, I understands the travel needs of the most discerning customers. I am dedicated to... read more

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Tim Burke

816 423-8045
Fairway KS

Being a third generation travel consultant I grew up learning the travel business from the inside. Having spent the first part of my career working mostly with corporate travelers I gained a love for the complexities of trip planning. This passion translated into planning luxury... read more

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JoBeth Corsi

919 457-0972
Raleigh NC

I enjoy putting together itineraries that spell adventure, beach time, family, romance or celebration! This may be Australia/New Zealand to you, or London/Scotland/Ireland, or a cruise to Alaska (the last frontier), a getaway island in the Caribbean or Fiji, or Hawaii or Dubai. I am... read more

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Debbie Richmond

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Ellicott City MD

With a strong engineering & management background, you will find me to be a very organized and thoughtful planner. My goal is to enrich your life with travel that is well planned, is a great value for your money, and exceeds your expectations!I enjoy working... read more

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Robin Hutson

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Boston MA

Robin Hutson founded Luxe Recess in 2014, the leading website for parents to learn about the best luxury hotels and destinations for families around the world.When I design a family vacation, my goal is to create a sequence of moments to foster joy and connection.... read more

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Margot Kong

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San Francisco CA

If you are too busy to manage your investment portfolio effectively on your own, then you are likely too busy to plan your own amazing holidays. Allow me to be your personal vacation advisor and travel shopper. Much like you would meet with an investment... read more