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Mary Catherine Sinkule

205 447 1208
Mountain Brk AL

I have been traveling all my life and have traveled extensively in Europe including countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Portugal, Monaco, and the Czech Republic. I studied famous artists, their culture, and have photographed the beautiful landscapes and architecture.I enjoy adventure travel... read more

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Laurie Reitman

Frisco TX

I came to the travel industry thanks to my children. As a practicing physician I walked away from my career when they got older and required increased supervision. I did not want to give up on our family trips both from my personal love of... read more

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Alyssa Schulke

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Saint Paul MN

I once worked in the Fortune 100 world, acting as travel expert for my friends. Now, my life’s joy is putting together complex travel itineraries, food and wine tours, outdoor and wildlife adventures, small ship expeditions and more. I love the detail work, research, and... read more

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Roseanne Cofoid

Hinsdale IL

Founded by Rosanne, La Dolce Via Travel grew out of her love of the country and her sense of being completely at home whenever she is there. Rosanne’s ancestry is Italian, and she grew up with many Italian customs and traditions which formed the foundation... read more

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Gayle Smith

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Raleigh NC

As the wife of a chief medical officer — who has been in the healthcare industry for more than a decade — I’ve seen first hand the kind of stress healthcare leaders and professionals are put under constantly. We lived it. I have watched as... read more

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Lee Scheeler

Doylestown PA

I My first big adventure was in 1970 when 3 girlfriends and I decided to go to Caracas,Venezuela and I have not stopped traveling since.I am lucky to be married to a man who shares my love of travel and we have fostered that same... read more

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Pam Ardell

910 470-6727
Wilmington NC

I have been in travel 49 years and LOVE my profession. I have cruised, trekked and traveled the world and am excited to deal with my client's to make their dreams come true!Destinations:Belgium, Canada, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya,... read more

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Carrie Mahoney, CTA

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Charlotte NC

Traveling outside your hometown changes you. It may be a trip to Tibet, or it could be a weekend in New England. But getting out allows you to see the world in a new way. You’ll find things in common, and uncover hidden surprises. We... read more

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Emily Webber

Nashville TN

Life is a grand adventure! That is why travel is my passion. You will find me exploring the world and learning about EXPERIENCES and quaint hotels/resorts. I want to inspire a life-long love of adventure by creating meaningful travel experiences.My favorite memories are integrating into... read more

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Margie Schwartz

Raleigh NC

I've been a travel agent since 1995 & am thoroughly enjoying the experience!I've traveled to many wonderful destinations that I can revisit vicariously through my clients!!! Some of my favorite vacations have been Alaska, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Spain, Germany,England,Austria, France, Italy, Majorca, Africa, the Caribbean,... read more

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Betta Singer

West Bloomfield MI

I have been in the travel industry for almost 30 years. I am fortunate to work at a job I love! I specialize in leisure travel but also do corporate travel. Creating a wonderful and memorable vacation for you is my goal.Destinations:Australia, New Zealand, Costa... read more

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Annie Osolinski

Granville MA

It all started after I graduated. The travel bug got me. I bought a hippie van and decided to head west to see the country. Now as I enter my 43rd year of selling travel, first working in corporate sales, then the leisure side and... read more

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Cathy Kingsley
Greensboro/High Point NC

I have over 30 years experience in corporate travel as well as leisure travel for my domestic and international clientele. I am an international air specialist.I have been with Travel Experts as a Virtuoso agent for 10 years now and I could not be with... read more

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Christie Darby

Phoenix AZ

Since 2004 I have been planning leisure travel, yet I have been a traveler for my whole life. Growing up, my family traveled frequently and I have continued the travel tradition with my own family. Many of the trips that I plan are for families.... read more

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Claire Hearn

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Wilmington NC

I genuinely appreciate your interest and promise to give you the same level of attention to detail that I'd give to planning a trip for my own family!In the past year, I have arranged trips to all parts of the United States and the rest... read more

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Linda Zelisko

Atlanta GA

Hello! I am a very experienced Travel Advisor with over 20 years in the industry. I have visited 64 countries and some of these multiple times. I absolutely love to create travel experiences for families, couples, groups, and of course the solo traveler. The majority... read more

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Marcy Kalish

Mt Kisco NY

Travel is my passion which eventually became a career.I have been advising travelers since 1993. My niche is adventure travel, Costa Rica, Tahiti, Macchu Picchu Galapagos Africa, Patagonia, and Thailand to name a few. I love to orchestrate experiences in Europe through culture, wine and... read more

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Tony Salamone

Chicago IL

I’m an aviation enthusiast professionally procuring and managing travel details for your worldwide trips and adventures.Destinations:Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, French Polynesia, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Arab EmiratesInterests:Beach & Sun, Safari, LGBTQ Travel, Ocean Cruising, River Cruising read more

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Lisa Prosser

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Mooresville IN

As a CEO for 20+ years, my responsibilities included paying attention to EVERY detail. Whether I am planning a yacht vacation or assisting a traveler plan a special birthday surprise in the UK, I still practice this attentiveness for the benefit of my clients. My... read more

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Sharon Andrade

Raleigh NC

I am an expert in crafting upscale vacations that allow you to relax and enjoy the finer nuances of any destination. I am trusted to design exciting adventures for my clients, some of which have worked with me for over 30 years. I have been... read more