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Debora Ohland

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Costa Mesa CA

My love of people, new places, history and adventure has brought me into the travel industry. I specialize in customized luxury travel for couples, families and large groups. Exceptional service along with value is my top priority for my clients. I believe the best gift... read more

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Becca Galen

Phoenix AZ

I have always had a passion for learning about other cultures, trying new foods, and traveling whenever I can. Nothing makes me happier than to make others happy by planning and executing the best trips possible. Interests: Adventure, Food & Wine, Beach & Sun, Honeymoons read more

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Lois Stogdill

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Fort Wayne IN

IA ORANA! I'm Lois the Chief Exploration Officer at Tahiti Adventures. I am passionate about creating bespoke experiences to off the beaten path destinations. Being raised in Tahiti & New Zealand instilled in me a sense of adventure and a respect of nature from a... read more

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Renee Taylor

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Searcy AR

I have had a love for travel for as far back as I can remember. After many years of working with International Corporate travel, I finally became a full time Travel Consultant in 2004.I enjoy helping people create wonderful travel memories by discovering new destinations!... read more

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Christie Darby

Phoenix AZ

Since 2004 I have been planning leisure travel, yet I have been a traveler for my whole life. Growing up, my family traveled frequently and I have continued the travel tradition with my own family. Many of the trips that I plan are for families.... read more

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Sheila Michels

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Saint Peter MN

My passion for travel and exploring the world is endless. I strive to show others that stepping out of their comfort zone can lead to endless possibilities.As a travel advisor, I strive to create unforgettable journeys that are full of meaningful experiences, memories and exploration.... read more

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Chesleigh Lloyd

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Fort Worth TX

I’m passionate about travel, seeing our beautiful world, and experiencing new things. It brings me so much joy to help my clients plan trips and make memories because that’s one of the things traveling is all about! I pride myself on attention to detail and... read more

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Jill Bullock

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Spring Branch TX

I create unique, authentic experiences. Customized itineraries are thoughtful and designed to satisfy the desires of my clients. Whether it's a romantic adventure, cultural highlights, or an off the beaten path experience, I will deliver. I believe that anyone can experience the incredible wonders of... read more

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Josh Friedman

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Palm Springs CA

As one of the top luxury travel advisors in the USA, we bring a level of global expertise and exceptional personal service few can match. With our unique insights and vast network of five-star suppliers around the world, we create innovative itineraries and exclusive travel... read more

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Claudia Fernandez-Davila

Redondo Beach CA

Claudia Austin is a hospitality and travel professional with more than 15 years of experience. Born and raised in San Francisco, CA with a love for hotels, she worked at some of the best the city has to offer. From a concierge at the Sir... read more

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Shawn Haile

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Nashville TN

I am from Nashville, TN and love to travel!Interests: Adventure, Beach & Sun, Culture, History & Arts, Food & Wine, ShoppingDestinations: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece read more

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Donna Ruffin

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Brentwood TN

Donna Ruffin has been passionate about travel from an early age. She grew up traveling the world with her family. Born in Jamaica, W.I and moved to US at 8 yrs old. I graduated college with a BS degree and worked as a Financial Advisor.... read more

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Naomi Spak

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New York NY

Naomi relishes in finding distinctive experiences that go beyond the must-sees to include local favorites and hidden gems. Traveling with her own family has allowed her to discover unique activities the whole family will enjoy. She is always on a mission to find what’s new... read more

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Jennie Jensen

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Boise ID

I am an independent Leisure Travel Planner for Monterra Travel, an affiliate of Travel Experts. I have been in the travel industry for over 20 years and have traveled to many domestic and international destinations and enjoy immersing myself into the local culture. I specialize... read more

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Rita Madrigali

Woodstock IL

I was bitten by the travel bug at a young age when I experienced International travel for the first time on visits to relatives in Italy and Ireland. I was hooked!Fast forward several decades, 6 continents ,75 countries and over 60 trips to Europe later.... read more

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Linda Bass

West Bloomfield MI

All my life I've loved to travel. I've been in the industry for over 30 years. I've always loved sun and beach vacations, however, Europe has become a favorite.... I love the U.K. and have recently fallen in love with Amsterdam. Israel is a must... read more

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Penny Cravens

Knoxville TN

My love for travel started with a first class trip around the world with my parents. Upon graduating from college, I went to work for American Airlines as a flight attendant, but due to the 1973 energy crisis, it was short lived. After working at... read more

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Nikki Streich

Fort Lauderdale FL

Travel - especially luxury travel - should inspire, rejuvenate and enrich your life. Every trip you take should be uniquely built around your travel needs and desires. Too often travelers, using generalist services and guidebooks, end up merely checking off boxes from a “supposed-to-see” list... read more

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Charlotte Jaeger

Cumming GA

I started working in my father's travel agency when I was only 18 years old so my path in life was set at a very early age. Travel is a huge part of who I am and certainly the best part of me. I have... read more

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Shelly Krygier

Marco Island FL

Shelly's certifications: Africa A & K, AMA Waterways, Azamara, Celebrity, Marriott, New Zealand 100% Pure, Oceania, Princess, Regent, Silversea, Tauck, and UniworldShelly has worked in the travel industry for nearly 15 years and specializes in arranging luxury ocean and river cruises, land tours, and fully... read more