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Cookie Carney

Charlotte NC

Having visited all seven continents, I can honestly say that the greatest joy of travel is not the places, it’s the people. Antarctica is a vivid memory, and I love adventure travel. But putting together a complex itinerary – whether it’s a honeymoon, a destination... read more

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Karen Benson

Scottsdale AZ

You will find me exploring the world to check out wonderful, unique experiences and charming authentic hotels and for me to explore, but also educational information to bring back to my clients. Being outdoors whether hiking, biking or just sitting by a river, mountain... read more

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Merrill Laguarta

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Austin TX

Merrill has traveled the world over the last 20 years and worked in the travel industry since 2010. She has a passion for travel and a desire to share her experiences. As a mother of 4 little girls, Merrill understands the challenges and joys of... read more

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Aryn Sloan

Boulder CO

The world fully experienced for everyone...through travel. Interests: Adventure, Family Travel, Food & Wine, Safari, Meeting & Incentive TravelDestinations: Ireland, Vietnam, United States - All, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Czech Republic read more

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Patsy Sowa

Dallas TX

I entered the travel industry at a time when there were paper tickets, OAG airline guides, a paper tariff, and no computers. Since then the travel industry as well as luxury travel has made leaps and bounds.I think of myself as a very detailed person,... read more

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Vanessa Snider

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Sherman Oaks CA

The smells, colors and flavors are the best parts about traveling. First hand experience allows me to share unique details about a property or destination; elevating typical travel to an extraordinary experience. So whether you yearn to taste the tapas of Barcelona, hear the sound... read more

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Sophie Solomon

Katonah NY

I was born in London, England but spent summers in France experiencing the culture and people and making friends and memories. It made me realize that there was so much of the world to explore. I have now spent a third of my life outside... read more

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Mary Ann Erdos

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Escondido CA

My love of travel began as a young child when I traveled extensively throughout the United States with my family. By the time I graduated high school I had visited 49 of the 50 states, along with Russia and had solidified my passion for exploration... read more

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Ralph Iantosca

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Irving TX

I am Ralph Iantosca, I cater to the serious traveler, not the tourist. My 3 favorite ingredients when designing a trip are to be sure the trip is Authentic, Innovative and most of all Memorable.I entered the travel industry in 1990 and have never found... read more

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Elissa Herman

Goodyear AZ

I started in the travel industry in 1996 because I loved to travel and had done some magnificent trips thanks to my husband's business. I also have children so I planned family vacations. My passion became my business, and I love planning each and every... read more

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Ketti Menne

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Cincinnati OH

I believe that every person, couple or family who reaches out for assistance with their travels deserves to be heard and honored.My goal is to provide individual visions to come to life through my travel planning services. My goal with every single client is to... read more

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Debbie Duncan

Edmonds WA

My specialty is cruising - all sorts of cruising. I have booked over 100 travelers on full World cruises of 110 days +. I have also escorted some portions ofr World cruises, and I take groups from 30 to 230 travelers to places such as... read more

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Barbara Caracciola

Boynton Beach FL

I have always loved reading books about traveling the world. Went to college for social work and right out of school decided I didn't want to just read about travel anymore but wanted to be part of the travel world. My mentor was the best... read more

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Allyson Owens

Ellicott City MD

I am thrilled you are considering using my travel services. Everyone has different approaches and priorities when it comes to planning travel. I have been planning trips and experiencing the joy of traveling for more than 25 years. I have traveled to 39 countries and... read more

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Alisa Glover

Marrietta GA

I am from a small town in Missouri. I developed a love for travel by being in the midwest and traveling all over the US with family, various ministries, camps and organizations. I graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Travel and... read more

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Alex Dalton

Port St Lucie FL

I've been in the travel industry since 2000. I have worked in the back office and also have been a VP of Operations for 8 years. I am currently an independent contractor for Travel Experts. I specialize in entertainment and production travel but I also... read more

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Adamarie King

Raleigh NC

I was infected with the travel bug at birth and have lived in the US, Mexico and Italy. I've had a little house in Umbria since 1984 so Italy is my second home. In 1986 I decided to turn my avocation of helping friends and... read more

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Abby Adams

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Charlotte NC

I grew up overseas for my entire life and recently came to the United States 9 years ago. I was born in Hong Kong and lived in England and Singapore. With my time overseas I got to travel and explore the world. I have got... read more

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Aaron Nir

New York City NY

TraveLegends plans, creates, and executes luxury travel for discerning clientele. When we plan travel, we speak from personal experience. We approach every trip from the point of view of the client because we too are that client. We have traveled the world to over 50... read more

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Alison McMaster

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Marblehead MA

Driven to design fun, experiential, creative global travel opportunities for both independent, group and corporate clients alike. I am dedicated to unique offerings, for unforgettable experiences. My dedication to my clients, is relentless, always looking to make your dream trip a reality. From top level... read more