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Kiron Dhaliwal

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San Ramon CA

I've always had a wanderlust for exploring different cultures and destinations. My technical background and marketing positions with high tech companies in Silicon Valley allowed me to spread my wings and fuel my passion for travel. I ultimately succumbed to the strong pull of far... read more

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Joan Novack

732-801-4353 or 212-679-7800
New York NY

I have been selling travel for almost 30 years, specializing in cruises, both Ocean and River, luxury and premium brands, to individual travelers and groups. A top producer for many suppliers of cruise as well as small luxury escorted tours. Focusing on luxury FIT properties... read more

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Olivia Johnson

Seattle WA

I believe in the transformational power of travel to connect people, bond families, and cement memories for life. I understand that your time is precious, and I will work with you to curate an itinerary that turns your vacation into a journey of discovery.I've lived... read more

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Krista Herrera

Edmond OK

Hello, I am Krista Herrera and have been a travel advisor for over 2 years. I do everything from Family Vacations, Senior Trips, Weekend Getaways, Honeymoons, Incentive Trips, & Destination weddings.Interests: Ocean Cruising, AdventureDestinations: Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Mexico read more

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Mary Lou Yeager

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Williamsburg VA

Beyond my 45 years as a travel advisor, my background in screenwriting and theater relates to working with clients and understanding their stories. As in writing, I love the creative process when it comes to trip planning. You are the main character in your travel... read more

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Trish Gastineau, CTIE

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Ft Myers FL

Thank you - I'm so happy you're here! :)My love affair w/Europe started when my Dad was in the Navy. I always begged & pleaded for him to move us to Europe when he "re-upped"! Sadly, that never happened.Living in Europe one day is a... read more

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Averie Borgaro

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Boston MA

Averie brings over 10 years of experience in project management, customer service, and event planning to her role as a luxury travel advisor. She has lived in Australia and has traveled extensively throughout the South Pacific, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean Islands, and parts of... read more

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Susan Edson

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Peachtree Corners GA

I think travel should be filled with variety. Each trip needs to be unique, each day its own "WOW", with off-the-beaten-path adventures and unexpected opportunities. My favorite place to travel is heavily influenced by my most recent trip and where I'm going next. I have... read more

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Amy Rasmussen

Alexandria VA

My travels have taken me with family, friends or just solo to so many amazing places around the world. Scuba diving in Indonesia and Belize, golfing in Scotland, witnessing epic sporting events in Chicago, wine tasting in Italy and California, walking the history that is... read more

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Phoebe Pluchar

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San Francisco CA

I have always had a tremendous appetite and passion for travel! Long before I decided to become a Travel Advisor, I assisted clients, organizations, friends, and family with their most important life events and travel arrangements.For over thirty years, I have worked in the Hospitality... read more

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Alison McMaster

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Marblehead MA

Driven to design fun, experiential, creative global travel opportunities for both independent, group and corporate clients alike. I am dedicated to unique offerings, for unforgettable experiences. My dedication to my clients, is relentless, always looking to make your dream trip a reality. From top level... read more

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Cathy Kingsley

Greensboro/High Point NC

I have over 30 years experience in corporate travel as well as leisure travel for my domestic and international clientele. I am an international air specialist.I have been with Travel Experts as a Virtuoso agent for 10 years now and I could not be with... read more

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Gina DiPrima

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Livermore CA

With a name like Gina DiPrima, I was probably destined for work in Italian tourism. My first-generation family insisted I learn the Italian language at a young age. That led to studying art history in Italy, living in Siena, and a teaching position in Rome.... read more

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Karin Patrick

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Sebastian FL

I’ve been traveling my entire life and bring a wealth of experience to being a travel advisor. Originally from Germany, I grew up with Europe as my playground; a flight attendant for 7 years, lived in Australia, the UK, traveled to India, Africa, the Middle... read more

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Nancy Porthan

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Santa Fe NM

The world of travel agency ownership and exclusive custom itinerary design is a comfortable vehicle from which to drive the business of NOBLE TRAVEL (a TRAVEL EXPERTS affiliate) to a level of excellence appreciated by many. Given former careers requiring high-end travel, and professionally teaching... read more

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Theresa Jackson

800 660-7811
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Mahwah NJ

Welcome!Now that you have the time to travel,Are you eager to explore the world and make every moment count and have access to the best experiences?Desire custom-designed itineraries that create memories of a lifetime and connections with others, or strengthen bonds with loved ones?Want hidden... read more

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Jan McLaurin

Raleigh NC

I was fortunate to find myself the daughter of a Pan American Pilot. My Dad flew internationally. I started my travel career as a young person when he would take me with him on his trips. As I grew up - the world grew up.... read more

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Carrie Millunzi, CTA

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Charlotte NC

Traveling outside your hometown changes you. It may be a trip to Tibet, or it could be a weekend in New England. But getting out allows you to see the world in a new way. You’ll find things in common, and uncover hidden surprises. We... read more

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Trinity Taylor

League City TX

Texas Travel Company * Destination Weddings * Luxury Vacations * Honeymoons * Anniversary trips * Birthday groups * Vow Renewals * Engagements * Winter TravelInterests: Beach & Sun, Destination Weddings, Family Travel, Meeting & Incentive Travel, HoneymoonsDestinations: Mexico, Costa Rica, United States - All, Hawaii,... read more

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Marisa DeSalvio

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Washington DC

You’ve spent years dreaming of your perfect vacation so imagine this…Your flight leaves in the morning but you’re not stressed - you’re on a great airline with even better seats and you’ve got someone watching your flights 24/7 to make sure there are no mishaps.You’ve... read more