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Karen Palmer

Wilmington DE

I almost can't believe that I have been blessed with over 30 plus incredible years in the travel industry! I attended travel school in Kissimmee, Florida and began my young career with Rosenbluth Travel in center city, Philadelphia where I worked exclusively in their cruise... read more

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Karin Patrick

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Sebastian FL

I’ve been traveling my entire life and bring a wealth of experience to being a travel advisor. Originally from Germany, I grew up with Europe as my playground; a flight attendant for 7 years, lived in Australia, the UK, traveled to India, Africa, the Middle... read more

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Kathy Chou

919- 846-2544
Raleigh NC

I am passionate about sharing my world. The boundless beauty of our planet and all the fascinating tradition and culture that exists beyond our ordinary imagination. Well planned journey only pave the way, but it will free your curiosity and desire to do the rest,... read more

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Kathy Kelley

Memphis TN

I grew up in a U.S. Navy family and, therefore, traveled quite a bit as a child. My years as a corporate advertising executive allowed me to further my love for travel. And now as a Travel Experts consultant, I get to help others plan... read more

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Kathy Komar

Larchmont NY

I am part of the Authentic Travel Team and I am an Independent Contractor affiliated with Bayside Travel. I recently transitioned into the travel industry after 25 years of planning Corporate Events for CEO’s and Senior Executives. I have traveled the globe, lived in NY... read more

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Kathy Moran

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Chicago IL

Realizing the ultimate travel adventure is too important to entrust to anyone -I design one-of-a-kind travel experiences. My mission is to provide exceptional access for uniquely designed luxury travel experiences, seemless coordination of all details, and specific recommendations based on your preferences and desires. My... read more

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Kathy Mueller

+1 914 698 1140
Naples FL

I am an Independent Contractor affiliated with Travel Experts. I have over 18 years of experience designing trips and I pride myself in offering superior service beyond my client’s expectations. My company name, Authentic Travel, defines the results of my work. I strive to travel... read more

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Katie Merrigan

407 409 6756
Winter Park FL

I grew up just outside of London, which is where my love of traveling began. It was important to my parents to take me and my siblings with them wherever they traveled. So, from a very early age, we were fortunate enough to experience destinations... read more

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Kay Carpenter

Fort Worth TX

I personally love to travel, and I especially enjoy helping my clients experience the wonderful destinations throughout the world. I am constantly scouting out new places and getting insider information to bring to my travel planning. Whether it involves Europe, Machu Picchu, or a culinary... read more

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Kerry O'malley

West Palm Beach FL

Kerry found her love for travel and became a travel agent in 1988 after escorting high school students to Europe in the early 1980s..While on a trip to China in 1996, her heart found a love for the Chinese people and she returned in 1999... read more

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Kimberly Kiel

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Pelham AL

I loved my family road trips as a child, but my eyes were really opened to the world when I spent a college summer in Italy. I just immersed myself in the culture and people and fell in love. I knew I had to see... read more

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Kim Hammons

501 380-3780
Searcy AR

Travel designing has been my passion since 1980. I call Arkansas home now, however, I have lived in Baton Rouge, Atlanta, and the Chicago-area.Although I can plan any type of experience anywhere in the world, I do love working on family travel and senior travel.... read more

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Laura Kaufman

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Dallas TX

Laura’s passion for travel began at an early age and once she got a taste of globe-trotting there was no turning back! Before age 16she had already visited each of the lower 48 states, by 18 she had been to Europe.An art history major led... read more

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Laura Madrid

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Atlanta GA

I have always had an intense passion for travel, people, food and experiences. My fascination with travel was instilled at a young age when I, my two brothers, and our Labrador Retriever were piloted by my mother in a five-seater, single engine airplane to a... read more

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Lauren Raps

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Southport CT

A lifetime of personal and professional travel led me to this wonderful career in travel.My love of travel and interest in other cultures began for me as a child, and 15+ years working in TV news took me to countless locations across the globe. I... read more

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Laurie Reitman

Frisco TX

I came to the travel industry thanks to my children. As a practicing physician I walked away from my career when they got older and required increased supervision. I did not want to give up on our family trips both from my personal love of... read more

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Laurie Rusin

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Buffalo NY

40+ years in the travel industry.I began my career as a "stewardess" for American Airlines in 1972 and evolved into a ˜flight attendant" in 1974. I chose to be a sales representative for that same airline in 1976 until I accepted a position as Director... read more

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Leah Katz

Melville NY

Travel became my passion in 1977, on my honeymoon, where I discovered how much I enjoyed learning about the world. I left my position as a casting director in the entertainment business and pursued my passion of travel. I found the key to fulfilling my... read more

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Lee Ann Richardson

215 348-8909
Doylestown PA

After graduating from Penn State with a degree in psychology, I realized I needed to follow my heart and pursue a career in the travel industry. I love helping people plan their vacations and that on any given day, my mind can be all over... read more

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Lee Scheeler

Doylestown PA

I My first big adventure was in 1970 when 3 girlfriends and I decided to go to Caracas,Venezuela and I have not stopped traveling since.I am lucky to be married to a man who shares my love of travel and we have fostered that same... read more